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When you have literally a matter of seconds to catch a website visitor’s eye, custom graphics can make all the difference in helping users make an immediate connection to your products and services.

Using vector images has several benefits:

  • They are high quality images without the large file sizes.
  • Unlike photos, the images are scalable meaning you can use them at any size without worrying about image distortion.
  • Vectors can be easily created in line with your company’s branding.
  • They can be used on clothing, for online animations, signage, and print – they can speak for our company in any format.
  • Vector images can easily replace photos when time and budget are a concern, or you can opt to use a combination of both.

A big misconception is that every website needs photography to be visually appealing, but this can actually hurt your site. Besides the time it takes to scour stock image sites, these photos are widely used, and can sometimes appear overused and dated. Hiring a photographer is also an option, but this is almost always extremely costly. If you can’t find anything that fits your budget, brand or niche, vector images are sure to make the biggest impact.

That’s where an experienced Edmonton graphic designer comes in. Working with the client, this professional artist will work with you to create unique images depicting your particular services or products and brand. In the last few months, we’ve been engaged to build custom vector graphics to support the content of our clients’ websites.

Live Mobile Group
AJM Solutions
SEO by Keltie
Flight Plan Marketing
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We’ve also spent a great deal of time working on custom graphics for our own website. Our hope is that these images will allow visitors to immediately connect to our services and develop an affinity with our brand.

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Have an idea for some custom graphics for your own business? Our designers would love to work with you!

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