Comprehensive Plans | Creative Strategies | Proven Results

Comprehensive Plans | Creative Strategies | Proven Results

Plan Your New Logo

We’ve developed a handy tool to help our clients share with us the requirement for their new logo project.

Some things to think about before you submit this form:

  • What do your competitors’ logos look like? It’s best to steer clear of similar designs and colours.
  • What typography or font best represent your company and audience? Should it be something whimsical, or something a little more straightforward?
  • Do you think a retro or vintage logo would suit your brand? Or does something clean and modern better represent your message/products/services?

Need help with these answers? We can guide you through the logo design process and make it painless and stress free.

Tell us about your business

Please use this form to help us plan your new logo project. The more clear and concise the information, the better chance our designers will have to deliver a quality logo to represent your brand. 

1. Audience
2. Colors
3. Symbols
4. Lettering
5. Your Business
Your Contact Information

Some of our logos for inspiration

ajm solutions logo
float remedy logo
ez floors logo
live media group logo
live mobile group logo