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Comprehensive Plans | Creative Strategies | Proven Results

Affordable WordPress Websites Edmonton

Web design matters. It creates the first impression of your business and directly impacts a visitor’s sense of credibility and trustworthiness. It enhances user experience (UX), which is critical in ensuring your website ranks in searches and converting visits to sales. And it helps your company stand out from the competition. A full 73% of companies invest directly in website design to help their brand stand out. On the downside, analysts estimate that slow-loading websites lead to almost $3 billion in revenue loss every year.

Web Design & Development Services

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Affordable Website Design

At Flight Plan Marketing, we are experts in web design and development. Our team works with you to create a custom website layout and design that communicates your brand and connects with your audience without breaking the budget. Not only do we ensure that your website looks great, but we also make sure that it is responsive across every device and creates an unforgettable online experience for your visitors. Our UX web design process focuses on customer retention and lead conversion, both of which revolve around proper functionality and usability.

Flight Plan websites are built from the ground up, focusing on Google Core Vitals, Page Experience, and SEO strategies that help search engines and potential customers find your site easily and effectively.

Let our team take your website to new heights by boosting your organic rankings and increasing click-through rates on search engines like Google, YouTube, Amazon, and Facebook. With nearly 3 billion smartphone users launching numerous searches every day from all corners of the globe, it is crucial to maintain a robust online presence. We make it easy for your customers to find you.

WordPress Websites

Our clients deserve the best, so we develop our websites in WordPress, the Gold Standard of content management systems. Working with WordPress means that your project is secure, customizable, editable, and easy to use. Flight Plan Marketing also adheres to all WordPress best practices, including:

  • If we don’t build it, we don’t touch it, which guarantees WordPress Core files and all third-party plugins remain stable and update seamlessly.
  • We add custom functions via a site-specific plugin or child theme so that we can add the custom functionality you want without any hassle or unexpected budget overruns.
  • Any code we use to customize your web is guaranteed to be readable, reliable, and flexible, which means that it optimized functionality and is easy to edit at any point in the future.
  • And we adhere to WordPress coding standards as detailed in its theme handbook and CSS coding standards.

WordPress websites also provide visitors with premium quality navigation and ease of use. Whether you are just starting with a new website or are looking for a site refresh, Flight Plan creates a beautiful and functional online outlet for your business.

Website Audits

With Google Core Vitals and Page Experience rolling out in May 2021, there has never been a better time for a website audit. As part of your web development Flight Plan, we complete an auditing process that includes:

  • User engagement
  • User experience
  • Traffic data and trends
  • Functionality
  • Overall website health
  • Overall website performance, including
    • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) and Aggregated LCP
    • First Input Delay (FID) and Aggregated FID
    • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)
    • Mobile-friendliness
    • HTTPS security
    • Intrusive Interstitial Guidelines.

Using only the most up-to-date developer tools like Lighthouse and PageSpeed Insights, our experienced team of developers will look under the hood and provide specific recommendations to help your website look and perform its best.

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Custom Website Services

Is your website lacking engaging content and features? Our web designers will make strategic additions to your site that attract and excite visitors in an elegant and effective way.

Customized services include:

  • Ecommerce
  • Scrolling banners
  • Dynamic testimonial displays
  • Interactive photo galleries
  • Streamlined web forms to capture feedback or contact details from your visitors
  • Content updates

We have a toolbox overflowing with options that can ensure your website attracts visitors, keeps them reading, and converts them into new customers as effortlessly as possible.

Website Hosting & Maintenance

The Flight Plan Marketing web server is ready to host your website locally, securely, and affordably. With your business content held safely inside Canadian borders, you never have to worry about the legalities of content held outside the country, unexpected hosting charges, or less-than-reliable support. We have everything you need located in-house supported by local expertise.

Website maintenance is a core business process that requires ongoing attention. Whether dealing with legacy codes, security patches, or scheduled upgrades, your Flight Plan hosting package includes regular attention to:

  • Website speed and performance improvements
  • Website security, closing loopholes, and setting reviews
  • Content review and refresh
  • New feature upgrades and leveraging
  • Compatibility testing
  • Interactivity optimization
  • Backup creation and archiving.

Our maintenance work is always completed under 503 HTTP status code, which means that instead of receiving a 404 Error Code, search engines get a pleasant message that your website is undergoing maintenance but should be back to full functionality within a few hours. Part of the WordPress toolkit, 503 code allows Flight Plan to keep your website performing well without ever damaging your searchability or ranking.

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