Search Engine Optimization

The internet hosts over 1.7 billion websites. What makes yours stand out? We focus on succinct and targeted search engine optimization (SEO) plans that help search engines and potential customers find your site easily.

Our Five-Step SEO Strategy

At Flight Plan Marketing, we have a five-step plan for implementing a stellar Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Our team of digital marketing professionals employs most or all of these steps on every website project we work on. This strategy comes directly from Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide and is constantly being tweaked to ensure that industry standards are being closely followed.

1. Google Focused

Google, as the leading search engine on the internet, requires web developers and digital marketing gurus to work together to strategically configure websites that achieve the best results in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). To help with this, the team at Flight Plan Marketing will optimize every website with the following essential Google tools.

Vital Visitor Insights & Data

Monitor, Maintain & Troubleshoot

Manage & Deploy Marketing Tags

Analyze & Improve Page-load Speed

Local Optimization & Structured Data

2. Mobile First

With the proliferation of mobile devices, mobile-first indexing is a relatively new ranking but incredibly important factor in Google. As a result, websites content must be specifically tailored to the devices in which they will be visited from. The two essential elements for an effective mobile-first strategy are content quantity and content organization. Similar to page-speed, it is important to ensure content is immediately visible as soon as the page loads – think above the fold.

iPad & iPhone

Laptop & Desktop

3. WordPress Augmented

The following free WordPress plugins are used on every website to assist with a Search Engine Optimization baseline strategy. Each plugin services a unique purpose and will be expertly configured to align with the website’s business goals.

Search Appearance & URL Structure

Page Caching & Code Minification

Image Compression & Optimization

Direct Integration of Reporting Tools

4. Page Speed Accelerated

Page speed is now a significant contributor to website ranking in Google and it must be factored into an effective SEO strategy. Although many variables are included a page-speed score, the most important is First Contentful Paint. This is a measure of how quickly the first part of the page loads. Having a shorter load time ensures visitors stay on the page and don’t bounce out of frustration.

Google PageSpeed Insights Results

5. Data Driven Results

Once a website is online and gaining traffic, it is essential to track and monitor results. A free and powerful tool, Google Analytics aggregates a multitude of data points to help gain insight into how users are interacting with the website. From Bounce Rate to Pageviews, to User Acquisition and Devices detailed statistics can be monitored over time and used to make regular tweaks. SEO is never a one-shot effort, it is an evolutionary process that requires expert analysis.



User Acquisition

User Trends

User Devices

User Time of Day

User Demographics