Comprehensive Plans | Creative Strategies | Proven Results

Comprehensive Plans | Creative Strategies | Proven Results

Online Advertising

Online advertising is the best way to capture your audience and direct them to your site, products and services. An effective advertising plan uses keywords and search phrases that are a bigger bang for your buck, and don’t waste yours or your consumers’ time.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

“64.6% of people click on Google ads when they are looking to buy an item online”. (Wordstream)

Flight Plan Marketing will help you with campaign targeting, placement & bidding to ensure you meet your targets. Backed by analytics & customization, the goal is to ensure your campaign is profitable.

We’ll target your specific customer niche & optimize each ad in order to meet your goals.

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Market an item, product or service

Flight Plan Marketing employs a team of analysts designed to create, monitor & optimize google ads designed to meet your specified ad goal. Whether that’s sales, phone calls, website traffic we work to optimize your ads by utilizing both Google Adwords & Google Analytics to track web traffic trends & behaviours, ultimately reaching your target customer. Your success is our success and an improvement in ROI signifies growth!

“When it comes to paid social media ads, the overwhelming majority use Facebook ads (84%)” (Social Media Examiner).

Is your business struggling to compete with its competitors? Stay competitive by implementing Facebook Ads. 

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