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Edmonton's Best WordPress Websites

Flight Plan’s expertise in working with the WordPress content management system (CMS) is unparalleled. We have been building websites exclusively on WordPress since 2010, providing our clients with the best that open-source infrastructure, support, and impressive catalogue of plugins that extend functionality or add new features seamlessly and cost-effectively.

Unlike website designers who offer WordPress as a CMS option or freelancers who promise WordPress expertise as part of their discount services, Flight Plan is a dedicated WordPress design company committed to bringing your business an elegant and functional WordPress website that fits your budget. 

What sets Flight Plan apart from the rest?

Here are some reasons clients turn to us for their WordPress projects:

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Full Custom Design

We never used canned, premade, or out-of-the-box themes. However appealing they might seem at first glance, canned themes come with features and functionality that don’t align with your business needs or customer’s expectations. These extras accumulate to bog down your website, weaken your user experience, and damage search engine optimization. Additionally, canned themes do not generally comply with industry standards for best practices in such areas as site security and server optimization. Finally, using a canned theme means that your website likely looks like hundreds of other websites, diminishing the uniqueness of your business.

More importantly, we custom design and build every website to

  • highlight the uniqueness of your business
  • ensure your site conforms to the highest industry standards
  • guarantee that your customers have the best user experience possible.

And we do this while making it possible for you to retain full creative control of the look and functionality of your website.

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The Elementor Advantage

At Flight Plan, we always use the Elementor page builder to custom design and build websites, the world’s leading WordPress building platform. Elementor gives our team of design-and-build experts the best tools possible for drag-and-drop and responsive editing, as well as the most robust collection of design and marketing features available. Flight Plan has the tools and expertise to turn your vision into reality, from elegant forms and custom popups to testimonial carousels and dynamic content.

We use as few plugins as possible to maintain a secure and fast website, and we build every website with a focus on SEO and page experience optimization. Plugins are one of the backbones of any WordPress site, allowing you to add everything from professional contact forms to an e-commerce platform that takes your business to the next level. But not all plugins are created equal, so knowing how to choose and use only the best independent third-party plugins is critical to building a secure, consistently high-performing website.

Plugin Expertise

When Flight Plan selects plugins for your website, we only use the best of the best, pay for developer licenses to optimize customization, and bring decades of expertise to every installation and implementation. We ensure that all updates are current and that functionality is as promised by running it through rigorous testing in our sandbox environment. Finally, we monitor every installed plugin and read changelogs diligently so that your website is always up-to-date and secure.

One of the most significant benefits of our expertise in WordPress is how easily we can integrate several essential plugins, including:

  • Yoast SEO plugin to ensure SEO standards are always maintained or exceeded. This invaluable plugin allows us to find and add high-performing keywords with the click of a button, gather indexable data quickly so that your user experience is the best it can be, and managing redirects efficiently to avoid the dreaded 404 Not Found message.
  • WP Rocket performance optimization plugin to ensure the websites load as fast as possible and follow best practices. We know that over 40 percent of people leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, so speed does matter. WP Rocket ensures that your loading speed is optimal, translating into more visitors, better SEO, and a higher conversion rate.
  • Imagify image compression and optimization plugin to ensure every photo and image are sized correctly, optimized for your media settings, scaled for fast loading. And with Flight Plan you never have to worry about how your images translate when viewed on desktops, tablets, or phones. We ensure perfect viewing every time.
  • Gravity Forms plugin for website contact and engagement forms that are elegant, easy to use, and integrate easily with such third-party services as PayPal, MailChimp, Stripe, and dozens more.

The Power of WooCommerce

Flight Plan helps your business reach its full ecommerce potential with the power of the WooCommerce plugin. From managing bookings and subscriptions to selling luxury cars or gently used fashion, WooCommerce is full customizable by our in-house experts.

Want to accept payments from Apple Pay®, Paypal, Stripe, or Square? We can integrate all of them seamlessly into your online store. Looking to launch an affiliate program or Facebook ad campaign? We can set up your WooCommerce site to manage these as well as any marketing, shipping, and store management needs you have at a budget that makes sense.

This magic can be done within your fully customized Flight Plan theme to ensure brand continuity, visual consistency, and the best user experience possible, all of which add to your websites ranking with Google.

Manage and Monitor

Flight Plan manages, monitors, and maintains all our websites with the WordPress toolkit for cPanel so we can be alerted to updates and security risks immediately, as well as making backups as easy as a mouse click. We use this toolkit to automate our workflows, so we can keep your website healthy and running perfectly more effectively. Saving us time saves you money, and you can go about your day knowing that every piece of your website is working as it should: quickly, securely, and with a keen eye on providing the best user experience possible.

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Google Analytics & Search Console Intelligence

We install Google Analytics tracking codes on every website to monitor usage and routinely review the data to spot issues or opportunities as they appear. We use insights that only Google can provide to keep all parts of your website working as they should, from marketing and content to inventory and e-commerce. We are committed to analytics intelligence that works.

And we carry this commitment on through our use of a Google Search Console on every website we build and launch. Search Console allows us to submit sitemaps and monitor Google’s bot interactions with the website, which helps us catch errors and review website ranking trends. Search Console helps us understand how Google sees your website pages to know exactly where to focus our expertise as we fine tune your site regularly for optimal performance.

And, of course, we extensively test every website for performance and experience using Google Core Vitals, which give us valuable insights into how Google ranks your webpages on such key metrics as Page Experience, Mobile Usability, and Page Speed. Remember: as of May 2021, page experience will become part of Google’s ranking algorithm, so more than ever before page experience is crucial to getting to the top of the leaderboard in Google search rankings. Ignore your page experience, and your business falls behind in the race. Our analytics experts ensure this never happens.

Transparent Reporting Integration

We also set up and provide access to all your website data (analytics, search console, SEO ranking reports, website health audits) via an elegant, user-friendly dashboard powered by Agency Analytics. We call it our Digital Marketing Dashboard, and it provides the best in fully customizable holistic digital marketing data. It also allows us to integrate your social media accounts and provide detailed weekly or monthly reports via email. We can increase your output and optimize conversions while freeing you from an avalanche of reports and the stress of constantly monitoring your digital campaigns.

In addition, Flight Plan also:

  • extensively tests every website for cross-browser/platform compatibility
  • run every website through an extensive SEO audit
  • offer ongoing SEO services that continually monitor your site for issues detrimental to the website’s SEO health, including broken links, missing images, and content duplication.

At Flight Plan Marketing, we bring decades of website expertise, the most current in analytics intelligence, and an elite team of creative professionals together with one goal in mind: to build a website that builds your business quickly, effectively, and securely. Call us today to discuss the details of your next-generation website.

Website Hosting, Security & Maintenance

The Flight Plan Marketing web server is ready to host your website locally, securely, and affordably. With your business content held safely inside Canadian borders, you never have to worry about the legalities of content held outside the country, unexpected hosting charges, or less-than-reliable support. We have everything you need located in-house supported by local expertise.

Website maintenance is a core business process that requires ongoing attention. Whether dealing with legacy codes, security patches, or scheduled upgrades, your Flight Plan hosting package includes regular attention to:

  • Website speed and performance improvements
  • Website security, closing loopholes, and setting reviews
  • Content review and refresh
  • New feature upgrades and leveraging
  • Compatibility testing
  • Interactivity optimization
  • Backup creation and archiving.

Our maintenance work is always completed under 503 HTTP status code, which means that instead of receiving a 404 Error Code, search engines get a pleasant message that your website is undergoing maintenance but should be back to full functionality within a few hours. Part of the WordPress toolkit, 503 code allows Flight Plan to keep your website performing well without ever damaging your searchability or ranking.

For WordPress & hosting security, we use several layers of protection for our websites:

  • All website forms use Google reCAPTHCA to prevent spam and in the event that the website starts to see more intelligent spam that bypasses reCAPTCHA then we can supplement with a dedicated WordPress anti-spam plugin called Akismet.
  • We place all domain names we host on CloudFlare, a DNS level filtering platform that helps filter unwanted traffic, specifically from world countries where known hackers are coming from (China, Russia, the Middle East).
  • The website (WordPress) uses a plugin (Limit Login Attempts) for intrusion protection for failed administrative login attempts (3 strikes and the user’s IP address is blocked from any further attempts.
  • The server (cPanel) also has intrusion protection and routine virus scanning of all the files on the server.
  • We maintain full website backups on a rotating cycle (twice per week and once per month). Backups are stored offsite so in the event of a catastrophic failure we can always have data to restore with.

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