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Comprehensive Plans | Creative Strategies | Proven Results

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Travis Whyte

President & Project Manager

Travis holds an B.Sc. in AstroPhysics and an M.Ed. in Educational Technologies, and has taught web development strategies at Kings University in Edmonton. Travis has been integral in the web industry for 20 years, and has consulted with hundreds of clients, bringing a variety of custom web applications to market.

Flight Plan Marketing is the second start-up adventure for Travis, having previously founded, grown, and sold another website development company Whytespace Ltd. In the summer of 2012, Whytespace merged with a larger Edmonton-based marketing company and continued serving over 200 clients.

After a 7 year transition period, freelancing with other marketing companies and forging a new career as a professional pilot with WestJet, Travis has now partnered with two of his former colleagues to bring their collective experience and talents to the small business community in Edmonton and beyond. 

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Katie Wojtowicz

Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager

Katie is the dynamic Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager at Flight Plan Marketing, where she brings over a decade of experience in working with small businesses to elevate their digital presence. With a Bachelor’s degree in Management and a Marketing Diploma from NAIT, Katie’s educational background lays a solid foundation for her expertise in the digital marketing realm.

Her journey with Flight Plan Marketing began over eight years ago when she met Travis while working at a previous agency. This meeting marked the beginning of a formidable partnership. Together, Katie and Travis have become a powerhouse project management team, known for their seamless collaboration and efficiency. Their synergy has been instrumental in delivering exceptional value to the clients they serve, consistently exceeding expectations with their innovative and strategic approaches.

Katie’s role at Flight Plan Marketing is multifaceted. She expertly coordinates client social media projects and delves deep into marketing research, ensuring that every campaign is backed by data-driven insights and creative excellence. Her proficiency in social media, SEO, and content marketing makes her a versatile and invaluable asset to the team. Clients often describe her as a “power hitter” for all things digital, highlighting her comprehensive skill set and impactful contributions.

Beyond her professional achievements, Katie is the senior project manager of her household, a role she approaches with the same dedication and passion as her career. She skillfully manages the bustling activities of her three wonderful children and her husband, Marek, creating a harmonious and nurturing home environment.

Clients and colleagues alike praise Katie not just for her professional acumen but also for her vibrant personality. She is known for being incredibly fun to work with, bringing a sense of joy and enthusiasm to every project. Her ability to blend professional rigor with a warm, approachable demeanor makes her a beloved member of the Flight Plan Marketing team and a favorite among clients.

Katie’s dedication to both her professional and personal life exemplifies her exceptional organizational skills and her commitment to excellence in all aspects of her life. At Flight Plan Marketing, she continues to be a driving force behind our digital marketing success, inspiring both her team and clients with her expertise, energy, and unwavering dedication.

Brooke Tower

Social Media Content Creator

Meet Brooke Tower, a vibrant and multifaceted professional at Flight Plan Marketing, where she brings a unique blend of creativity and adventure to her role as Social Media Coordinator. Brooke’s journey in the creative field began with a certificate in Interior Design from BCIT in 2021, where she developed a keen eye for aesthetics and design principles. This foundation in design has been instrumental in shaping her approach to social media, where visual appeal plays a crucial role.

In the fall of 2022, Brooke embarked on an exciting new chapter, pursuing flight training with aspirations of becoming a commercial pilot. This bold transition from design to aviation showcases her diverse interests and her ability to embrace new challenges with enthusiasm and determination. Brooke’s passion for aviation not only adds an adventurous dimension to her personality but also reflects her commitment to pursuing her dreams, no matter how high they take her.

At Flight Plan Marketing, Brooke skillfully balances her creative talents with her love for aviation. Her role involves crafting engaging and visually appealing content for our social media channels, a task she approaches with a designer’s eye and a storyteller’s heart. Her content not only captures the essence of our brand but also resonates with our audience, creating a dynamic and interactive online presence.

Brooke’s ability to juggle her responsibilities at Flight Plan Marketing while pursuing a career in aviation is a testament to her exceptional time management and dedication. Her journey from interior design to social media and aviation is inspiring, demonstrating her versatility and relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth.

As a Social Media Coordinator, Brooke’s unique perspective enriches our digital marketing efforts, bringing a fresh and dynamic approach to our online interactions. Her passion for both creativity and aviation infuses our social media presence with an exciting and engaging energy, making her an invaluable member of the Flight Plan Marketing team.

Joel Pelletier

User Experience, Graphic & Web Designer

Joel stands at the forefront of digital creativity at Flight Plan Marketing as the Senior Graphic Designer and Web Projects Lead. With an impressive career spanning over two decades in the industry, Joel’s expertise in website design and graphic design is unparalleled. His educational background, featuring a Marketing Diploma from NAIT and a Digital Media and Design Diploma from Dev Studios, has provided a strong foundation for his remarkable professional journey.

Collaborating closely with Travis for nearly 20 years, Joel has been a cornerstone in the evolution and success of Flight Plan Marketing. His portfolio, boasting over 200 website projects, is a testament to his versatility, innovation, and dedication to excellence. Joel’s ability to understand and translate client visions into visually stunning and functional designs has made him an invaluable asset to the team.

What truly sets Joel apart is his creative genius, which shines through in every project he undertakes. Whether it’s a complex website design or a visually compelling graphic, Joel’s work is characterized by a unique blend of creativity and technical proficiency. His designs are not just aesthetically pleasing but also strategically aligned with the clients’ objectives, ensuring both form and function are in perfect harmony.

Fluency in both French and English adds another dimension to Joel’s skill set, enabling him to communicate effectively and cater to a diverse clientele. His bilingual ability ensures that no nuance is lost in translation, making him a versatile and effective communicator.

Joel’s long-standing commitment to Flight Plan Marketing and his continuous pursuit of design excellence make him a pivotal member of our team. His passion for design, coupled with his extensive experience, continues to drive the company’s creative boundaries, making us a leader in the digital marketing and design space.

Violet Whyte

Graphic Designer

Violet is a dynamic and creative graphic designer at Flight Plan Marketing, where she has been instrumental in shaping the visual identity of the company for the past five years. A proud alumna of MacEwan University in Edmonton, she honed her skills in graphic design, specializing in logo creation and graphic design projects.

At Flight Plan Marketing, Violet’s youthful enthusiasm and keen eye for detail have been pivotal in bringing fresh and innovative perspectives to every project. Her ability to blend contemporary design trends with the company’s vision has resulted in visually compelling and effective designs that resonate with our clients.

Outside of work, Violet is an avid skateboarder, channeling her creativity and energy on the skateparks around Vancouver. This passion for skateboarding not only reflects her dynamic personality but also inspires her work, infusing it with a sense of freedom and boldness.

Violet’s blend of professional expertise and personal passion makes her an invaluable member of the Flight Plan Marketing team, consistently driving us towards new heights in the realm of graphic design.