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Ecommerce in 2021 – Drive Sales Traffic with WordPress, WooCommerce, and Google Ads


According to Oberlo, ecommerce sales are projected to account for at least 18 percent of global retail sales in 2021, and this number is expected to move well above 20 percent by 2023. These trends mean that ecommerce continues to expand aggressively, and the battle to reach millions of potential customers will only intensify in coming years.

This also means that every aspect of your website, online store, and ecommerce platform is increasingly important regardless of your business’s size or geographic location. This blog will look at a critical piece of the online marketing retail puzzle that can elevate your sales game and generate sustained growth for years to come.

Google Listings and Ads by WooCommerce

Google Listings and Ads, developed by WooCommerce, is a powerful WordPress plugin for showcasing your products and services to potential customers across the most widely visited search engine in the world, with over 5 billion Google searches launched every day. Whether you are new to the online sales market or an experienced seller, Google Listings and Ads can help:

  1. Sync your store with the Google Merchant Centre so that you can list products effortlessly using stored product data.
  2. Reach millions of online customers with free listings.
  3. Boost traffic and optimize sales using a combination of free listings and paid ads. And you can run both at the same time, which studies have shown increases clicks by an average of 50 percent and increases impressions by almost 100 percent.
  4. Build a Smart Shopping Campaign that combines Google’s innovative machine learning with automated bidding and ad placements. More than a basic Pay Per Click program, a Smart Shopping Campaign optimizes your advertising budget while displaying ads for people searching for products like yours. Customize your budget by the day or for the entire life of the Campaign. And never worry about being locked in: you can change your budget at any time with a few simple clicks.
  5. Track performance directly from your store dashboard, saving you valuable time and money while ensuring that your online account is fine-tuned for maximum visibility.

Why WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a premium-level WordPress plugin that extends the integrated functionality of WordPress website and online store. The plugin allows you to:

  • Design a sleek, effective checkout process
  • Create product lists and curated collections
  • Track sales and manage shipping easily
  • Add categories and tags.

And the numbers speak for themselves, with over 25 percent of online businesses currently powered by WooCommerce.

How Flight Plan Marketing Can Help

At Flight Plan Marketing, we are committed to supporting our clients with WordPress websites designed and executed to only the highest standards. Adhering to an “If we don’t build it, we don’t touch it” build protocol, we can guarantee that all WordPress Core files and third-party plugins remain stable and update seamlessly. And when we do add custom functions via a site-specific plugin or child theme, we adhere to WordPress and CSS coding standards as detailed in its theme handbook and CSS coding standards to protect your online store from any hassles or costly downtime. Most importantly, we are WooCommerce experts, which means that your Google Ads and Listings will produce the results you have always wanted.

And we support every client with leading-edge analytics that monitors usage and routinely reviews the data to spot issues or opportunities as they appear. We use insights that only Google Analytics can provide to keep all parts of your ecommerce platform website working as they should. We carry this commitment on through our use of a Google Search Console to monitor Google’s bot interactions with your website and online store, which helps us catch errors and review website ranking trends. Search Console helps us understand how Google sees your website pages to know exactly where to focus our expertise as we fine-tune your site regularly for optimal performance.

And, of course, we extensively test every website for performance and experience using Google Page Experience and Core Web Vitals, which give us valuable insights into how Google ranks your webpages on such metrics as Page Experience, Mobile Usability, and Page Speed. Remember: as of May 2021, page experience became a robust part of Google’s ranking algorithm, so more than ever before, page experience is crucial to getting to the top of the leaderboard in Google search rankings. Ignore your page experience, and your online store falls behind in the race for viewers, clicks, and customer dollars.


As the Wall Street Journal reported on June 16, digital ad spending in 2021 is expected to jump by 19 percent, with worldwide advertising revenue expected to top $740 billion. Google Listings and Ads developed by WooCommerce make digital advertising a cost-effective option for companies of any size and budget. Providing complete and integrated functionality along with the flexibility of using both free and PPC ads, the plugin is a must-have in every online store’s digital toolbox. Contact the Flight Plan Marketing team today to learn more about putting Google Listings and Ads to work for your online business.

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