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Comprehensive Plans | Creative Strategies | Proven Results

Pineapple Therapy's Digital Growth Journey with Flight Plan Marketing

Client: Pineapple Therapy

Industry: Mental Health and Counselling

Services Utilized: Website Design, SEO, Google Ads, Blogging


Client Contact: Kayla Chorley


Pineapple Therapy, founded by Kayla Chorley, stands as a testament to the power of specialized care and digital visibility in the healthcare sector. Focused on supporting sensitive strivers and individuals living with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D), Pineapple Therapy’s mission is to offer counselling that not only addresses their unique challenges but also celebrates their strengths. Despite the noble cause and high-quality services, Pineapple Therapy struggled to reach its target audience online, buried under the weight of the internet’s vastness. That’s when Flight Plan Marketing came into the picture, embarking on a multi-faceted digital marketing strategy to lift Pineapple Therapy from the depths of Google’s search results to the forefront of its industry.

The Challenge:

Before partnering with Flight Plan Marketing, Pineapple Therapy’s visibility online was almost non-existent. Despite Kayla’s efforts to create a decent website and learn basic SEO, the complexity and time consumption of digital marketing were overwhelming. “I was struggling to be found on the internet,” Kayla recalls, emphasizing the dire need for professional help to break through the digital barrier.

The Turning Point:

The decision to reach out to Flight Plan Marketing was driven by a desire to focus on what Pineapple Therapy does best — providing exceptional counselling services — while leaving the intricacies of digital marketing to the experts. Kayla’s goals were clear: a website makeover that truly reflects Pineapple Therapy’s mission and improved overall visibility to attract more aligned clients and professional networking opportunities.

The Solution:

Flight Plan Marketing responded with a comprehensive digital strategy encompassing website redesign, SEO enhancement, targeted Google Ads, and engaging blog content. The new website spoke directly to Pineapple Therapy’s niche, resonating deeply with potential clients and professional peers alike. “I have since had many clients mention my website and how they felt it was speaking to them directly,” Kayla notes, highlighting the immediate impact of the makeover.

Total website traffic 2023 vs. 2022.

Website lead conversions & appointment bookings.

The Impact:

The collaboration led to significant business growth for Pineapple Therapy. Notably, a partnership with an endocrinologist catapulted the brand into a leadership position within the Diabetes community, opening doors to increased client referrals and speaking engagements. The tailored Google Ads campaigns and SEO-driven blog content significantly boosted lead generation, with a marked increase in leads converting to clients.

Client Experience:

Kayla praises the Flight Plan Marketing team for their responsiveness, support, and educational approach to digital marketing. “The team is fantastic to work with,” she says, calling out Travis Whyte for his exceptional client service and Katie for maintaining the personal voice in website copy.

Future Ventures:

Looking ahead, Kayla plans to expand Pineapple Therapy’s reach through public speaking, media presence, and the introduction of group therapy sessions, including an innovative Taylor Swift themed group. The vision extends to transforming Pineapple Therapy into a group practice, with continued support from Flight Plan Marketing in increasing visibility and promoting new services.


Pineapple Therapy’s journey from digital obscurity to a recognized leader in mental health for sensitive strivers and the T1D community underscores the transformative power of targeted digital marketing strategies. Flight Plan Marketing is proud to have played a pivotal role in this growth and looks forward to supporting Pineapple Therapy’s future innovations and expansions.

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